A lot going on this week

We were visited by a reporter and photographer from the Nottingham Evening Post on Thursday, and their story about the observatory development has now been published in the paper and online

Eagle-eyed readers will notice that the photo used in the article shows a telescope that has its lens cap on and no eyepiece, but will be glad to know that this situation was remedied by the time the Astronomy event for students and parents took place later that evening.

The school has recently gained Space Leading School status, a programme led by The Schools Network and UK Space Agency, and Miss Flood attended the annual conference on Wednesday. More details of the Leading Space Education programme are available here

Back in school on the same day Mr Parry, after whom the observatory will be named, visited the school and toured the site with members of the SLT and Science faculty. Work since the last photos were published has mainly involved internal changes, and we saw huge bundles of cables being installed, which will eventually provide power and data to all three of the new learning spaces.

We have also been busy making arrangements for January, when the official opening of the building will take place during three days and evenings of activities designed to coincide with BBC Stargazing Live 2012. Details of these events for students, staff, parents and our wider community will be published here soon.

Looking further ahead, TLES has been selected from over 100 applicants as one of just 35 venues to host events as part of Andy Newsam’s Astrotour. Andy Newsam is head of the National Schools’ Observatory, and will be basing himself in venues around the country to host Astronomy-based activities for a range of audiences. He will be at TLES for a few days in January 2013.

Finally, on Friday Mr Hunt and Mr Patrick took seven students, all of whom took part in the recent visit to Korylev City to visit the Russian Space programme, to Rolls Royce in Derby. They were there for the selection process for the UK team to enter next year’s International Space Olympics, and we wish them every success with their applications.


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An astronomical observatory at The Long Eaton School, scheduled to open in early 2012
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1 Response to A lot going on this week

  1. Karen Gould says:

    Last night I finally got to see the dome in all it’s glory! I knew it was going to be special but nothing could have prepared me just how amazing it actually is. A huge achievement and something that makes me feel even more proud to be part of The Long Eaton School.

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