Is there life on Mars? Join the debate at TLES

We are very pleased to be able to reveal that Dr Lewis Dartnell will be coming to The Long Eaton School on Wednesday, January 18th 2012. He will be giving a talk on the subject of Astrobiology, and this will coincide with the BBC Stargazing Live show the same evening on this fascinating theme.

Dr Lewis Dartnell

Astrobiology – the hunt for alien life

‘Astrobiology’ is a brand new field of science, encompassing research into the origins and limits of life on our own planet, and where life might exist beyond the Earth. But what actually is ‘life’ and how did it emerge on our own world? What are the most extreme conditions terrestrial life can tolerate? And where in the cosmos might we reasonably expect to find ET? Join Dr. Lewis Dartnell on a tour of the other planets and moons in our solar system which may harbour life, and even further afield to alien worlds we’ve discovered orbiting distant stars, to explore one of the greatest questions ever asked: are we alone…?

Dr. Lewis Dartnell ( is a researcher based at University College London, studying how life, and signs of its existence, might survive the intense cosmic radiation on the surface of Mars. Alongside his research he writes regular science articles in newspapers and magazines, and has published a popular science book introducing astrobiology, Life in the Universe: A Beginner’s Guide”.

Dr Dartnell will give his talk twice – once at the end of the school day, for an audience drawn from our own students, and then later in the evening in a session that will be open to parents and other members of our wider community. Please check back on the site again soon for further details of how to book a place at this exciting event, and for the final line-up of all of our BBC Stargazing Live linked events, which will coincide with the official opening of the Observatory.


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An astronomical observatory at The Long Eaton School, scheduled to open in early 2012
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