The dome is on

A crane arrived on site on Thursday, as planned, and preparations began to lift the observatory dome into place.

Weighing in at just over 1 metric tonne, the custom-built fibreglass dome was lifted very carefully over the building.

Prior to the lift, the annular trough already in place on the roof was filled with a super-salinated brine solution, into which the dome then had to be located.

After a few minutes of precise movement of the crane, the operation was complete and a new and unique addition to the Long Eaton skyline had arrived.

Despite its weight, the dome can now be rotated easily with one hand, thanks to the almost friction-less floatation mechanism.

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An astronomical observatory at The Long Eaton School, scheduled to open in early 2012
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One Response to The dome is on

  1. Richard Pearson says:

    The installation of the Observatory dome is an amazing achievement and a point in local history that will be remembered for centuries to come. In so far as amateur astronomy is concerned, In 1980 I suggested the formation of Ilkeston & District Astronomical Society, and Bernard Wheeldon and I worked hard to make the venture successful. Bernard had an 8 inch reflector in his back garden observatory, and one other member, Trevor Smith in Heanor, built his own 16 inch telescope. In later years the society expanded to include Heaner, and Kimberley. Their has never been a dedicated observatory such as this in our region, open to the local community, and the formation of a Long Eaton Astronomical Society will be another mile-stone. Dedicated to helping local children & students aspire and prosper their interest in science, physics & astronomy, the Malcolm Parry Observatory will be at the heart of space research in the East midlands; congratulations everyone.

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