Stargazing Live 2013

stargazingStargazing Live will be back on our television screens on January 8th, 9th and 10th 2013. Here at the Malcolm Parry Observatory we are running a number of events for Stargazing Live that you may wish to come along to.

Events open to the public:

Tuesday 8th January, 6pm: Mars as the Abode of Life

A talk by Anu Oja, head of the National Space Academy.

In the 400 years since the astronomical telescope was first pointed skywards, no planet has so caught humanity’s imagination as Mars. Since 1965, spacecraft flybys, orbiters and landers have revealed a fascinating world – one that is presently more Moon-like than Earth-like and yet with tantalising clues that point to a warmer, wetter past. This lecture will explore how our understanding about the Red Planet has developed over the centuries and include spectacular demonstrations illustrating the consequences of Mars’ surface conditions on unprotected human explorers. Did life ever arise on Mars? Is it still there now? Could it be related to life here on Earth and could Mars become a future home – or perhaps refuge – for humanity?

The talk will be followed by the Long Eaton Star Party – bring along your telescopes and binoculars for a chance to observe the night sky and chat to other astronomers. The observatory will also be open weather permitting.

Wednesday 9th January, 6pm: A beginners guide to the Moon

A talk by Chris Newsome from Derby and District Astronomical Society. This will be followed by a chance to examine some real lunar soil samples, rocks and meteorites. There will also be a viewing opportunity in the observatory weather permitting.

If you would like to book places for any of these events please email the observatory at:

Children under the age of 16 are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult.

Events for students:

Apollo Missions workshop

This is open to KS3 students and will take place on Tuesday 8th January during periods 5 and 6. During the workshop you will learn about the Apollo space missions with activities including:

•Building and launching rockets

•Examining lunar soil, rocks and meteorites

•A chance to see a real space suit

See or email Miss Flood to book a place, you must gain permission to attend from your period 5/6 teacher. Places are limited.

Science Club Space Special

Lunchtime on Tuesday 8th January (1pm, S4G)

Moon rocks, meteorites, space suits and solar panels!

Open to all students.


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2 Responses to Stargazing Live 2013

  1. Geoff Smeeton says:

    Hi Please can I book 2 places for the events on 8th and 9th Jan 2013.

    Thanks Geoff Smeeton

  2. Matt Ball says:

    Hi can I book a place for the event on the 8th Jan 2013



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