July 21st 2014 Long Eaton Astronomical Society Meeting Report.

What a scorcher!

Tonight’s meeting was very well attended yet again. Before the talk there was a chance to have a look at our star the Sun both outside through Steve Ibbotson’s PST and the schools Double stacked Solarmax Ha telescope. Both offered some great views on what was a comparatively quiet day. The large sunspot group is currently around the back side but there were many prominence’s and filaments to be seen.

Josh Barker from the National Space center then gave an interesting talk on the formation of the solar system and in particular focusing on Near Earth Objects. He covered the various types such as Asteroids and Comets, where they were “made” and where they come from (and indeed go to). Josh also covered such things as how scientists and astronomers classify them by the threat they might pose to Earth. He then went on to discuss some of the ways in which we might look to avoid catastrophe. Also Mike displayed an impact Bracia from a 24km wide crater in France.

After the talk Josh fielded so interesting questions before Miss Ellender and Mike made a “comic comet”. Comic due mostly to Mike’s “help”.

If you would like to help hunt for asteroids why not have a look here: http://www.asteroidzoo.org Asteroid Zoo is a citizen project to enable members of the public to help search through the masses of data available in order to maybe spot an asteroid.

A reminder there is no meeting next month. Our next meeting is on Sept 25th when Dan Brown from Nottingham Trent University will be talking to us about Light Pollution amongst other things. Usual time and place 6:30pm with refreshments from 6:15pm


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An astronomical observatory at The Long Eaton School, scheduled to open in early 2012
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