February Family Astronomy Club meeting report.

This week the first Astronomy club of the New year was held and it started off with a bang! Following the spate of test launches by SpaceX recently, Miss Harrington delivered an informative talk entitled “Rockets and Manned Spaceflight through History”. The talk featured key moments in the history of rockets, including who built the first rocket, to what was the first animal in space.

Photo 02-02-2015 19 11 52

Design and build department.

Photo 02-02-2015 19 19 27

Comet 67P (exact scale replica!)

 Brimming with new knowledge, the students were then asked to apply what they had learnt in the way of rocket design by building their very own rockets. Miss Ellender demonstrated how to build a basic cardboard rocket whilst Mr Perkins set up the target, a rubber duck [posing as the comet 67P of Rosetta fame] with a hole in the centre. Photo 02-02-2015 19 19 46 Photo 02-02-2015 19 20 44

 Both students and staff built and launched their own rockets using a compressed air launcher, with mixed results. Many competitors came close to the target but the overall winners were Aimee Hodson 8DMR and Miss Ellender for the staff.

 Unfortunately the arrival of snow during the session halted any plans for observing. Look out for more information on the big events we have planned for next month including our public Star Gazing Live event.


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