Solar Eclipse – Friday 20/03/15

The Malcolm Parry Observatory will be streaming a live image of the solar eclipse, taken through our hydrogen alpha solar scope, on Friday morning, subject of course to weather conditions. This can be accessed in real time from the MPOLE youtube channel, available at:

We are keen to track where our stream is being used, especially in schools and other education settings. If you do make use of it successfully please take a moment to add a brief comment to this blog post to let us know who and where you are.


About mpole2011

An astronomical observatory at The Long Eaton School, scheduled to open in early 2012
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23 Responses to Solar Eclipse – Friday 20/03/15

  1. Derek says:

    Mike, good luck with the H alpha scope, wishing you clear skies and a successful imaging run, Derek, Loughborough

  2. Neil Gwillym says:

    Watching your live feed from a cloudy New Forest

  3. Helen says:

    Good Morning everyone and Callum Allen! Well done on providing this fascinating live streaming event!

  4. Hi this is Overseal Primary School near Swadlincote. We shall be using your live stream to observe the eclipse. Thank-you for helping us to share this experience via your resources.

  5. Louise Hardwick says:

    at home watching this live whilst checking the skies. Thank you for this great opportunity to see this event. Heres hoping we all see some great views

  6. Stuart Graham says:

    Watching your feed from work in Breaston, its fantastic Thank you

  7. Melsa Buxton says:

    Hello, The Fountains Community Special Schools Federation in Burton upon Trent using your live stream. Its looking fantastic. Thank you for giving us the opportunity.

  8. cHramm says:

    Watching at Derby University Library!! Thanks for the images.

  9. R Skelton says:

    Watching with my class in Shirebrook. Great feed, thanks

  10. Jo Bartram says:

    Brilliant! A great local resource. Watching from work at QMC Nottingham.

  11. C Taig says:

    Many thanks from King Edward VI Lichfield – we’ve had a variety of viewing devices set up outside the classroom (the colander has proved to be very popular) but the students have really enjoyed comparing what they’ve seen to your live feed on the whiteboard inside. I still can’t believe there’s no cloud cover…

  12. Stuart says:

    Watching from our office in Leicester. Thanks Mike.

  13. Lynsay Boucher says:

    Watched part of the eclipse from our school hall in Amington, Tamworth. Thank you!

  14. Ian Williams says:

    Fantastic live feed , Many thanks for the link.
    Watching from Machine Mart Nottingham

  15. Sharon-Elaine says:

    Thank you for streaming this live, I watched from work in Beeston, and I know my 7 year old son was also watching at Sawley Junior School.

  16. Mr Ross says:

    Watching the Feed at Cabot Primary School, Bristol. We used the live feed in the classroom and outside the children observed through pin hole cameras they had made.

  17. Hayley Flood says:

    We have had your feed on here at Space Studio Banbury, a brilliant view, well done everyone!

    We have been so lucky with the weather – the sky cleared for us at about 9:30 and we had fantastic views through H-alpha and white light filters!

    I will do a write up and post it here over the weekend:

  18. Jenny Perch says:

    Fantastic! I watched your live stream from Windley, Derbyshire. It was fascinating. Was waiting to see if the birds stopped singing but they carried on regardless. Well done!

  19. Alison Burton says:

    Thanks from all at Sawley Junior School – we watched the live feed in our hall then went outside to experience the ‘chill’. Hopefully the children will remember watching it together in the future. It was good for the children to see a ‘Long Eaton’ image – it made it more real.

  20. S. Cull says:

    We enjoyed watching from Elmsleigh infant and nursery school in Swadlincote, thank you.

  21. Richard C says:

    I have just seen the YouTube video. Watching from Rochester, NY USA. I used to go to Long Eaton School (a long time ago!). Excellent work..

  22. Simon says:

    THANKS for the live feed – it was great! We watched it with 67 of our Geographers on the Bilborough College Geography Field Trip in beautiful Shropshire! Keep up the great Astronomy work!

  23. victoria says:

    We saw it live and at kearsley west the teachers looked at it directly we aren’t allowed to se e but we saw it when we went to line up at kearsley west primary school it was COOOOOOOL

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